House History

The house has a rich history dating back to the 15th Century

We believe the main house may have originally been a private chapel for the De Crequy family in the 15th Century. A crest of the De Crequy family was discovered inscribed on the wall of the first floor bedroom in the main house.

Later, monks stayed in the house whilst on wood-cutting excursions to Hesdin forest.

Eventually, the house became a presbytery to the church, which was built adjacent to it in the 16th Century.

At some point during the 19th Century it became a farm, evidence of which remained when the restoration started. What is now the covered terrace was originally a set of stables – the beams and roof have been retained and the walls knocked away. The attic bedrooms in the west wing of the house were previously hay lofts.

The house had stood deserted for approximately ten years before this renovation project was undertaken.


Shots from Le Verger


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